The National Etruscan Museum Pompeo Aria Of Marzabotto

The National Etruscan Museum "Pompeo Aria" of Marzabotto preserves the remains found in the adjacent archaeological site of Kainua, one of the largest and best preserved Etruscan city of colonial style. The discovery, in the mid nineteenth century, of an Etruscan settlement founded in the late sixth century. B.C. resulted in the formation of an important archaeological collection was sold to the state in the thirties of this century by the family air along with the area in which lay the ancient city. The path, divided by tempering areas, presents Attic vases, bronzes, segnacoli tombali and balsamari coming from the necropolis, various materials coming from the town, and the acropolis Fontile sanctuary, acropolis architectural terracotta and dwelling houses, and recent discoveries, including a greek kouros head, found in the vicinity of what, ten years later, it was then excavated and identified as the Temple of Tinia. In the fourth two funeral hall coming from Sasso Marconi.

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Via Porrettana Sud, 13
40043 Marzabotto


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