National Archaeological Museum of Spain

The National Archaeological Museum of Spain, in Madrid, was founded in 1867 by Isabella II. His intent was that, at the time common in Europe, to create a large museum to exhibit the testimonies of the country's own past. The museum therefore contains collections of ancient objects that represent Spain and its history.

The collections kept inside the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid are the result of various donations and bequests started already in the year of its foundation, in 1867 with the allocation of some funds such as those of the Museum of Medals and Antiquities of the National Library; the archaeological and ethnographic objects of the Museum of Natural Sciences and the collection of the Higher Diplomatic School. A particularly demanding role was played by the Museum's Scientific Commissions, which collected material both in Spain and abroad.

The museum today has a greater interest in the archaeological sector.

Among the finds preserved here, we remember the Bicha de Balazote, the Centaur of Royos, the Lady of Elche, the Lady of Baza, the Lady of Galera, the Lady of Ibiza, the Lady of Cerro de los Santos, the Plates of Axtroki , the Treasury of Guarrazar, the Bulls of Costitx, the Bull of Azaila, the Bull of Osuna, the Vase with the tree of life and the Virgin enthroned and musical angels.

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Museo Arqueológico Nacional c/ Serrano
1328001 Madrid


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