The Museum Of Lucca Cathedral

The Museum of Lucca Cathedral is located in the historic city. The Museum is located within the complex of the thirteenth century tower, the sixteenth century church and the main building of the fourteenth century origin. Since 1992, the Museum works to promote and enhance the works of art and furniture of the Cathedral of St. Martin. The collection is very diverse and includes collections of statues, stone artifacts, chalices and candlesticks, jewelery, codices, paintings and missals. Among the works of great importance are: a sixth-century ivory diptych, a composition of five choirs of 1300 and a valuable "Croce dei Pisani" carried out by the goldsmith Piacenza Vincenzo Michele. In the Cathedral Museum it is exposed the precious kit used to dress the Holy Face on 3rd May and 14 September. They are part of the great ornaments crown and collar made by Ambrogio Giannoni from Massa, the garment of velvet embroidered in silver and gold. Of great value it is also the sumptuous French manufacture of jewelery in gold with enamel and diamonds that was donated to the Cathedral in 1660.

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Piazza Antelminelli, 5
55100 Lucca


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