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at the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso the exhibition "Free Horizon", a new photographic exhibition by Ivano Mercanzin , scheduled from 26 February to 2 April 2023, curated by Un Quadro di Te Aps in collaboration with Giulia Pozzi, collaborator of the Society which manages the Hermitage.

The exhibition is part of the programming of the Filosofarti festival, now in its 19th edition . The heart of the exhibition project consists in the display of the shots taken by the photographer from Vicenza last December 2022 who was able to capture in his photographs the soul of the Hermitage, of the lake it overlooks, of the people who live there and also of those who visit it. A concrete and ideal dualism that is proposed as the limit of the place, but also as its greatest strength and resource.

The exhibition therefore follows the key theme Limite/Illimite which guides the events coordinated by Filosofarti. The artist, inspired by this cue, reworked it on a personal level, investigating the introspective aspect of the immortalized figures , the historical aspect of the buildings and the natural aspect of the steep shore of Lake Maggiore. The works stand as witnesses of human relationships, of the movements of the soul and of the relationships between people and the environment. The exhibition is part of the program of initiatives promoted by the Filosofarti festival which creates a network of events of different character united by the desire to bring the public closer to philosophy and art in its various facets, allowing visitors to deal with different realities and develop philosophical and critical thinking.


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Via Santa Caterina, 13
21038 Leggiuno


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