Museo La Viola is located in the historic center of Lecce and is considered the oldest museum in Puglia. The Museum was founded in 1868 by Sigismund Castromediano, duke of Cavallino, with a first group of works belonging to his private collection. The museum is divided into three main sections: archeology, art gallery and lapidary. In the archaeological section houses numerous examples of messianic civilization and Roman settlements. The Museum has the most complete collection of Attic vases with red figures, messapiche ceramics, vases and statues finally the Imperial Age, coming from the amphitheater. Of great interest is the reconstruction of the Cave of Porto Badisco Cervi, with new cave paintings. The gallery houses paintings that illustrate the relationship between Puglia and the Byzantines and Venetians. Among the most famous artists we include: Alvise Vivarini, Paul Finoglio, Pacecco De Rosa, Corrado Giaquinto, Francesco de Mura and Oronzo Tiso. A small group is dedicated to the minor arts: pottery, ceramics, silver, ivories and bronzes.

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Viale Gallipoli, 28
73100 Lecce


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