Established in 1937 with the works donated by public institutions and various artists invited to the XX Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadrennial II, the collection was largely wasted as a result of the war. In 1994, the sixty remaining works and a substantial collection recovered from’ Carabinieri, were exhibited to the public permanently. Since 1996 a project of acquisitions through additional donations enriched further Gallery 400 works. At present the Galleryè housed in five rooms of the Palace of Culture and collects d’ art that allow a path of’ Italian art between the wars favoring the thirties. To note the paintings by Pippo Rizzo, Annunciation; Dyalma Stultus, L’ Angelo; Bruno Saetti, The Family; Primo Conti, Maternityà ;; Plinio Nomellini, flowery Campaign; Francesco de Rocchi, Still Life; Corrado Cagli, Roman; and the Angilotto Modotto Landscapes, Arturo Nathan, Evening Landscape; Vertunni Achilles, Pontine Marshes; Arturo Tosi, The lake - together with the core of Novecento sculptures by Marino Marini, Lelio Gelli, Francesco Wildt, Mario Fioroni, Roberto Castagnino.

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Via Umberto I, 39/41
04100 Latina


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