Gallery of Modern Art

Founded in 1937 with works donated by public institutions and various artists invited to the 20th Venetian Biennale and the 2nd Roman Quadrennial, the collection was largely dispersed following the war events. In 1994 the approximately sixty remaining works and a substantial nucleus recovered from the Carabinieri, were permanently exposed to the public. Since 1996, a project of acquisitions through further donations has enriched the Gallery with a further 400 works. Currently the Gallery is housed in five rooms of the Palazzo della Cultura and collects works of art that allow a journey of Italian art between the two wars, favoring the thirties. Of note are the paintings by Pippo Rizzo, Annunciation; Dyalma Stultus, The Angel; Bruno Saetti, The family; Primo Conti, Maternity; Plinio Nomellini, Flowery countryside; Francesco de Rocchi, Still life; by Corrado Cagli, The Roman; and the Landscapes by Angilotto Modotto, Arturo Nathan, Evening Landscape; Achille Vertunni, Pontine Marshes; Arturo Tosi, The lake - together with the nucleus of twentieth century sculptures by Marino Marini, Lelio Gelli, Francesco Wildt, Mario Fioroni, Roberto Castagnino.

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Via Umberto I, 39/41
04100 Latina


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