The Giovanni Podenzana Ethnographic Museum is located in the historic center of La Spezia. The museum is located in the oratory of San Bernardino, a building of medieval origin from the fifteenth century. The Museum was dedicated to Giovanni Podenzano, traveler, ethnographer and naturalist. During his career and travels he has collected thousands of objects from Australia, New Guinea, Japan and Tasmania. In addition, the collection also includes objects from the Lunigiana culture and popular tradition, ranging from the mid-eighteenth century to the early decades of the twentieth century. Certainly of great interest is the textile section and traditional costumes of the nineteenth century, including: the skirts in blue fabric and the festive women's dresses of Sarzana, Cinque Terre and La Spezia. Of great value is the collection dedicated to gold filigree jewels with locally made crosses. The collection also preserves the clothing of peasants and peasants, the votive offerings of popular devotion, the tools and objects of agricultural and pastoral activities, the furnishings of the house and furnishings, the carved tools of weaving and spinning.

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Via del Prione, 156
19122 La Spezia


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