MAAM Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma

The Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma is in the historic center of Grosseto, in an area that acquired its current appearance in the years following the Unification: around 1870 some existing houses were acquired and incorporated into the new building for the Uffizi of the Court Civil and Correctional and the Royal Prosecutor's Office and District Court. In 1974 the building, intended to house the Archaeological Museum and the Diocesan Museum, underwent an internal reorganization of the spaces and a modification of the routes. The reconstruction of the floors on the ground floor led to the discovery of a previous well (room 12) and the recovery of ceramic fragments from the 14th-16th century, currently exhibited in room 38. The works carried out in the years 1993-1999 have overall respected the previous one. distribution of spaces. The most conspicuous changes concern the removal of architectural barriers and the adaptation of spaces, paths and systems to current safety standards.

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Piazza Baccarini 3
58100 Grosseto

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