The Chapel of Gentilizia De 'Bartolomei family is located in Giulianova, in the province of Teramo. The Chapel is located at the historic monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II and created by sculptor Rompers. The Chapel of the noble De 'Bartolomei family where the' Cenotaph ', funerary monument, erected by Gaetano De Bartolomei in memory of his uncle Angelo Antonio Cosimo by the sculptor Raffaele Rompers. The war memorial is characterized not only by the bust of De 'Bartolomei, with wonderful bas-reliefs, representing the Three Genii of History, Archeology and poetry, and beautiful symbolic flowers (poppies, ears, laurel). Inside the chapel are also present in other works of the same sculptor, which is the rest dedicated precisely the Gipsoteca Raffaello Pagliaccetti. The facade is red brick and the entrance has several marble coats of arms representing the Gods Bartolomei. It is thought that the chapel originally had a back entrance and behind the altar there are still steps that allow access.

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Museo Cappella de' Bartolomei, Piazza della Libertà
64021 Giulianova

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