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closed  CINEPASSIONI. Stories of images and collecting

The show

The exhibition organized by the Municipality of Genoa was born from the desire to enhance and make known three important realities related to cinema in the city: the Cineteca D.W. Griffith, founded by Angelo Humouda, the Collection named after Stefano Pittaluga and the Cine Ciak Collection, respectively centered on film heritage, film technology and objects

Three collections, largely never shown to the public, extended from the origins of the history of cinema to today, and symbol of a "spontaneous" collection that combines historical research and cinephile passion. It is of this passion - strictly plural, as the title explicitly states - that the exhibition tells the historical and cultural development, interpreting the richness of the collections through a path that privileges the social, cultural and, indeed, passionate impact of cinema. Since its appearance, in fact, it has not limited itself to populating the world of stories and images, between telling the story and escaping the imagination, but has also profoundly changed the way we see and know ourselves and what surrounds us.

The relationship between images and spectators is therefore the pivot around which the path of the exhibition develops, which begins by reconstructing, thanks above all to the magic lantern, the origin of the modern passion for "bright visions", to continue with the history of technology , professional but also amateur: a story, the latter, which witnesses, among other things, the early desire to make cinema also an instrument for personal storytelling and memory. From the "heaviness" of the means of production we then move on to the immaterial flow of the film and to the moment of vision which, born as a collective ritual, is now evolving towards new practices and new models, more individual and subjective. The exhibition ends with a selection of collectibles inspired by famous films, from the 1930s to today: a tangible memory that, among other things, contributes to expanding the experience of the film and the power of the cinematographic imagination. It is an ideal point of arrival for the passion that can unite films and spectators, and that tells, on an imaginary level, the passage of cinema from a technological device to a social device, from industrial practice to cultural and emotional practice.

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Piazza Banchi,
16123 Genova


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