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Museums of Strada Nuova in Genoa presents an extraordinary series of engravings by Albrecht Dürer, one of the most important masters of the Northern Renaissance and unsurpassed protagonist of this particular technique; his art has crossed the borders of Germany, becoming a point of reference for painters, draftsmen and engravers of the whole of Europe in the following centuries.
On display 54 burins and 2 etchings, which allow the visitor to follow the evolution of the artist's style and technical expertise and changes in the register in the different themes he faced: from the first prints, in which the influence of previous Nordic masters it is more evident, as in "The sacred family with the dragonfly" (1495 c.) or in the "Young woman undermined by death" (1495 c.), to the creation of a very personal style, with images of complex and fascinating symbology, as in “The great fortune" (1501 c.) or in "The witch riding a goat" (1505 c.), fundamental burins for the understanding of the artistic process of Dürer both for the high technical virtuosity and for the psychological depth and the wealth of symbolic meanings.

Works on display

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Via Garibaldi, 11
16124 Genova


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