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Climate change and environmental disasters, but also destructive events of a civil coexistence, caused by belligerence or unnatural cataclysms that end up undermining the certainties of individuals, who seek refuge in timeless non-places in which to respond to their uncertainties and why not, ideas for an artistic production. The exhibition Nowhen Nowhere Giorgio Musinu + Giacomo Costa rests on this theme. The suspension of time and space , curated by Linda Kaiser, on display from 21 May to 28 August 2022 at the Villa Croce Museum (inauguration on Friday 20 May, 5 pm).

Through the apparently "photographic" expression of two artists of different ages, training and experience, Giorgio Musinu (Genoa, 1990) and Giacomo Costa (Florence, 1970) - former Talento di Genova 2020 the first and established protagonist of the international scene the second -, we are faced with the lack of supports and space-time references. The exhibition itinerary, guided by an initial concept line, winds through works and "panoramas" of small and large format, which "put the point in abyss" of sight, the mood and perception of the observer.

Micro and macrocosmic dimensions open to others and elsewhere, to attract or repel, to move and awaken too widespread states of drowsiness, through the powerful and anticipatory language of art as a linguistic tool of great expressive and communicative power.

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Via Iacopo Ruffini, 3
16128 Genoa


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