The MAC Archaeological Museum of Colfiorito is located in Foligno, in the hamlet of Colfiorito. The Museum was inaugurated in 2011 and is located inside a brick building, built during the Great War as an internment camp. The renovation project designed by architect Roberto De Rubertis involved the renovation of the building with steel and glass to make it modern and airy. The museum collection is composed of the finds found in the area and in reference to the Iron Age up to the Middle Ages. A total of about 1450 finds testify to the ancient Umbrian civilization and its commercial and cultural exchanges with Magna Graecia and Etruria. Of great interest are certainly the archaic bronze artefacts from sanctuaries and religious centers dedicated to the Gods. An important section is made up of funeral objects that document the different political - social stratifications. The exhibition of the finds in chronological and thematic order accompany the visitor to discover the ancient history of the area.

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