Museo del Saxofono

The Saxophone Museum

The saxophone museum is a recognized and accredited museum in the Lazio NMR and the only one, in the international scene, dedicated to this instrument. Born from the love, experience and meticulous collection carried out in over 30 years of research activity by the musician, collector and teacher Attilio Berni, the museum houses a collection of hundreds precious specimens to give shape to history, dreams and passions always " Blow "in the most fascinating of musical instruments.

From the very small suprillo of 32cm to the gigantic 2MT counterbasso, from Grafton Plastic to the Inventor Adolphe Sax tools, from the legendary conn O-sax to the Cmelody Selmer of Rudy Wiedoeft, from jazzophone, trumpet-sax with double bell, to the great Conn Artist de Luxe, from the sax to drawstring to the bottle saxorusophones, from the mastodontic sub-counterbasso J'Alele Stainer, the largest sax in the world, at the tenor saxophone "from cavalry" Mahue, from the instruments belonged to the inventor adolphe sax to those of Sonny Rollins, Tex Benke, Ralph James, Marcel Mule, Jan Garbarek, Gil Ventura, Benny Goodman, Aurelio Magnani.

An exposure of drugs to extricate itself in the innumerable metamorphosis of the saxophone and the direct meeting with the great masterpieces of the Conn factories, Selmer, King, Buescher, Martin, Crampon buffet, rampon, Borgani, Couesnon, following a combination of art and craftsmanship , creativity and tradition that from the inventor workshop Adolphe Sax reaches today: this, and much more, in an authentic space of "Saxy" musical culture that also houses exhibition and restaurant spaces, guided tours, hearings with the tools of the Great musicians of the past, music courses, masterclass, conferences, reviews, multimedia installations and, of course, to many concerts.


Permanent Collection

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Via dei Molini, snc
00054 Fiumicino


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