National Museum of the neoclassical age in Romagna - Palazzo Milzetti

The National Museum of the neoclassical age in Romagna is located inside Palazzo Milzetti, an evocative neoclassical building finely restored between 1792 and 1808. Some of the greatest artists of Italian neoclassicism worked there: the architects Giuseppe Pistocchi and Antonio Antolini , the painter Felice Giani and his large group of collaborators and students, the modellers Antonio Trentanove and Giovan Battista Ballanti Graziani. Among the rooms there is the remaining original furniture which has been integrated with more recent acquisitions. It is a palace-museum, an extraordinary and unified testimony of neoclassicism, a cultural season that deeply affected the states of the Church, and in particular Romagna, where Faenza had a role of great importance and Palazzo Milzetti represented a center of territorial relations.

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Via Tonducci, 15
48018 Faenza


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