MCZ - Museo Carlo Zauli

The Museo Carlo Zauli exhibition space that is both cultural production created in 2002, immediately after his death, hence the name. The museum is located in Faenza, in the city center, within the premises which were in 1949 by Carlo Zauli, one of the most representative sculptors of the 900, which promotes the work and history. MCZ pursuing relentlessly the main project for which he was born: to keep alive the memory of a dead artist, brought to the attention of young people, him meet artists of the younger generation, who can take ideas and teachings. The museum houses two permanent collections: one dedicated to Carlo Zauli and composed of works by contemporary artists. E 'has become in recent years a point of reference in the production and dissemination of contemporary art, with its diverse cultural activities in the vanguard and experimentation: the Artist's residences, to the cycles of conferences, to contemporary music festivals, as well as children's educational courses, students and adults.


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via croce 6
48018 Faenza


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