closed Pietro Guida.

Curated by: Mariastella Margozzi e Lorenzo Madaro

The show

The Puglia Regional Museums Direction and the Copertino Castle Direction present the Pietro Guida exhibition to the public. Piazza d'Italia, dedicated to the maestro on his 99th birthday.

Couples, Expecting Women, Acrobats, Parents and Children , but also mythological figures and representations of dreams gather, poetically, in the parade ground of the Castle of Copertino for the whole summer 2020. It is an even more awaited rendez vous, in era of the post lockdown, since all these sculptures together represent a form of resistance to the loneliness and transience of existence, a hymn to the life and energy of culture in the contemporary world, through the power of art.

The sculptures of Pietro Guida - 99-year-old artist from Campania, living in Manduria, Puglia, since the 1950s - were selected by Mariastella Margozzi and Lorenzo Madaro , curators of the exhibition and collected in the courtyard of the Castle of Copertino with coordination and supervision by Pietro Copani. These are works made in concrete in the home-studio of Manduria , where the master lives surrounded by hundreds of his works, positioned in the rooms that run between laboratories, deposits and library and also outdoors, among the trees and plants of the big garden.

The series of sculptures, conceived in the last twenty-five years by shaping a complex and dense material such as concrete (in some cases even painted), ideally lives in a large square where lives meet, bodies dialogue, gazes cross, gestures appear as both eternal and contingent. Pietro Guida's sculpture does not hide the references to the history of art, in some cases it pays homage to his ideal masters - Marino Marini and Arturo Martini -, in others it highlights a strong interest in myth, literature and music.


Timetable and tickets


Piazza Castello (Castello di Copertino)
73043 Copertino


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