The Abbey Of Pomposa

The Abbey of Pomposa is located about 50 km from Ferrara and 20 km from Comacchio, along the coast road Romea, traveled in the Middle Ages by pilgrims traveling to Rome. This area is included in the Unesco sites since 1999, when the recognition is already assigned to Ferrara in 1995 was extended to the territory including the Po Delta and the so-called Delizie Estensi. The abbey complex is composed of three parts: the bell tower of the Church of Santa Maria, the cloister with the annexed areas and the Palazzo della Ragione. The complex of the church, characterized rectangular atrium with three arches at the entrance and the well-known bell tower, are the distinctive image of Pomposa. The Church today presents a basilical plant with three aisles and a polygonal apse, typical environment Ravenna, as well as former Ravenna are many internal structural elements, from the capitals to the mosaics, which testify to the practice typically medieval reuse, namely reuse of valuable materials, the oldest, in new structures. The history of the Abbey is synthesized in the museum, interesting collection of artifacts and art objects from the sixth to the nineteenth century.

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Via Pomposa Centro, 12
44021 Codigoro


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