The Villa Medici and the Historical Museum of Hunting and the Territory are located at Cerreto Guidi near Florence. At the center of Cerreto Guidi is located the precious villa commissioned by Duke Cosimo I de 'Medici as a hunting lodge. The villa's construction took place between 1564 and 1566 by architect David Fortini who took over the architect Alfonso Parigi the Elder. The villa houses inside the remakes of the original furnishings, the Medici portraits from the Florentine Galleries and the Medici tapestries. The main works are the portraits of Cosimo acting within coronation as Grand Duke and the portrait of Isabella de 'Medici. The collection includes works owned by Stefano Bardini including marble and terracotta sculptures, paintings on wood and canvas, objects in precious stones, inlaid and painted chests and cabinets. The Historical Museum of hunting and territory is located within the villa from 2002. The museum includes a hunting lodge of the Lorraine period, and a collection of hunting and shooting guns. In addition, the villa houses like the antique Roman times and Medieval marbles.

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Via dei Ponti Medicei 7
50050 Cerreto Guidi


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