closed Ash.

The show

Curated by Andrea Guastalla

What does Give me a smile, the song of Drupi, have to do with the penitential ash? At a superficial glance, nothing. Cenere is in fact a violent J'accuse against the Sicilian art system, whose protagonists - critics and collectors, merchants and curators - are buried without being dead and, who is worse, condemned by the pen and brush of the authors - Dario Orphée told in his story of a stillborn exhibition, Momò Calascibetta instead raised the dead, sealing them in niches of 69x69 cm each - to repeat the same exercises over and over again.

And yet, as happens to politicians welcomed in the cribs of San Gregorio Armeno, even in Cenere contempt always turns into a joke, indignation into a smile - the same inscrutable smile of Antonello's masterpiece hosted in Cefalù, under whose watchful gaze Momò Calascibetta had already exhibited back in 2007 presented by Vincenzo Consolo, and to whom he returns with his colorful paintings more amused than ever.

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Via Mandralisca, 13
90015 Cefalù


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