Museo dell'Emigrazione Diogene Penzi

The Emigration Museum Diogene Penzi

Among the first in Italy to be dedicated to emigration, the museum collects about 400 specimens, including photographs, documents and objects, arranged in 12 sections that tell the many aspects of lâ pal mont (in Friulian "going around the world") and which present an important picture of the migratory flows and destinations of workers in western Friuli in the first decades of the last century.

The chronological division of the exhibition itinerary, curated by Javier P. Grossutti, is supported and integrated by the presentation of some particular migratory typologies, such as that linked to the professionalism and professions present in the Alpine and pre-Alpine area of ​​Friuli. Mosaicists and terrazzo workers, to cite just one case, were in the countries of the foothills an expression of a working tradition that in many foreign markets, from France to the United States, from the United Kingdom, Germany and Holland to Australia and South Africa 'he imposed without competitors. Other professions, some of which fully matured in emigration, such as stonecutters and sleeper squaring, also offered opportunities for success and redemption.

One room of the Museum is dedicated to the permanent exhibition of graphic drawings and documents from the Cavasso School of Drawing, active from the 1920s to the 1950s. Belonging to the master Ernesto Calligaro, the graphic creations, the so-called "tables", are the testimony of the training path faced by many people to learn the most varied professions (carpenter, blacksmith, bricklayer, mosaicist, terrace worker, tiler, sleeper squarer, lumberjack , butcher, cutler and unskilled worker), and then moved to work abroad.

The Museum is managed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region through ERPAC - Regional Body for Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Municipality of Cavasso Nuovo (PN).


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Piazza Plebiscito, 12
33090 Cavasso Nuovo


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