Museo Archeologico Nazionale e Parco Archeologico della Sibaritide verified

Casa Bianca - Cassano all'Ionio, Calabria, IT open

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The event

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2021, extraordinary evening opening at the National Archaeological Museum of Sibaritide. From 7.30pm to 10:30pm it will be possible to visit the spaces of the Museum that offer the temporary set-up that the technical-scientific staff of the Archaeological Park of Sybaris is creating, changing the rooms of the Museum and the form and contents of the museum day by day. story of the three superimposed cities, archaic Sybaris, classical Turi and Roman copy.

So many questions. What changes in the museum narrative? how? with what objectives? how do those who work on this project plan to involve every person who crosses the threshold of the museum?

The European Heritage Days try to give some answers in a fruitful exchange of opinions and in a sincere dialogue with the territory and the communities.

Entrance to the Museum is allowed after checking the green certification (Green Pass) and wearing a mask.

Cost: 1 euro

Timetable and tickets


Casa Bianca
87011 Cassano all'Ionio


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