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On 17 June at 9.30 pm, the Body performance by Valentina Nappi "Smells Valentina Nappi" will take place at the CAM Contemporary Art Museum in Casoria, inspired by the evocative capacity of the sense of smell to reflect on the boundaries between aesthetic and sensorial dimensions. The artistic action will be accompanied by the ambient and dilated sounds of KAMAAK who will also perform live songs from the latest Ep "Imperfect Disconnect" published for the INRI Classic Label.

Smells help us to recognize reality and to catalog what is good and what is dangerous, smelling means going back and remembering what you learned as a child or looking for new definitions for new smells. Thus the body of the hard actress, Valentina Nappi, prepared with essences by chef Pasquale Trotta, will offer itself to the olfactory experience of the public by implementing, through the odorous molecules, a correspondence to atavistic knowledge, memories and the very definition of reality. The relationship established through the body of Valentina Nappi between the audience and their feelings will be reported on sheets that will contribute to the documentation / installation of the performance.

Participation in the performance is limited in number, it is therefore necessary to book through the mail visitors.cam@gmail.com

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Via Calore snc
80026 Casoria


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