Farnese Palace

Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola is one of the most beautiful central Italian Renaissance houses. It was Cardinal Alessandro Farnese said the Elder commissioned to Antonio da Sangallo the construction of a building with defensive characteristics in Caprarola, the family domain. Antonio da Sangallo who designed a pentagonal fortress with corner bastions. Work began in 1530, but were suspended in 1546 because of his death. Cardinal Alessandro the Younger wanted to resume the project of his grandfather. In 1547 he entrusted the construction site at Vignola, but failed the defensive, radically changed the original project. On the pentagonal it was built an imposing Renaissance palace, which became the summer residence of Cardinal and his court. Vignola ordered the cutting of the hill with steps to isolate the building, at the same time integrating with the surrounding area. It was opened a straight road in the center of the town below, so as to visually connect the building to the city and enhance its dominant position on the entire village. In 1573 the building was almost completed. Inside the magnificent residence they worked best painters and architects of the time. The themes of the frescoes were inspired by the scholar Annibale Caro and realized by Taddeo Zuccari, then replaced after his death (1566), by his brother Federico Zuccari, by Onofrio Panvinio and Fulvio Orsini. At the villa are attached the "Orti Farnese" (with the same name of family gardens on the Palatine Hill in Rome), a splendid example of late-Renaissance garden, achieved through a system of terraces behind the house, perched on a hill from which rises the building and connected by Vignola with the residence through the bridges. Work on the gardens were started in 1565 by Giacomo Del Duca, using the terraces for the floor outlet of the Church of Jesus foundations in Rome, and ended only in 1630, under the direction of Girolamo Rainaldi. Do not miss the hoot of Pleasure, place created for hunting, but became a secret and intimate retreat for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese.

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01032 Caprarola


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