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The museum was inaugurated in 2000 by the Municipality of Calasetta with works from the collection donated by Ermanno Leinardi. Established as the MACC Museum in 2011, it documents all trends in abstract art, from lyrical and informal abstraction to geometric abstraction. From the masters of the Thirties (J. Albers, M. Radice, C. Badiali), to the adherents of the Concrete Art Movement of the 1950s (Soldati, Veronesi), from the range of groups and collectives involved in the field of Cine-Visual art of the Sixties and Seventies (B. Munari, G. Capogrossi, L. Fontana, E. Leinardi and many others), to the squad of Sardinian experimenters (A. Atza, G. Campus, R. Rossi, V. Satta, I. Utzeri, G. Brundo, Z. Calzia), particularly rich in personality to be rediscovered. The Museum presents in rotation a selection of works gathered on specific themes and a series of thematic exhibitions consistent with the purpose of the Museum to enhance abstract art. The MACC is managed by the MACC Foundation, in which the Municipality of Calasetta participates, chaired by Maricarla Armeni, with the artistic direction of Pino Mantovani and Ivana Mulatero

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Via Savoia, 2
09011 Calasetta

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