Helga de Alvear Museum

Helga de Alvear Museum

The Helga de Alvear Museum was created by the will of the collector of the same name from which it takes its name.

Helga de Alvear bought her first work of art in 1967, later buying other works which, regardless of their author, proved to be interesting for the artistic advances they represent, because they satisfy her interests or because they reflect or metaphorically the world in we live in.

More than three thousand works today make up the Collection of the Helga de Alvear Museum, it is not conceived as a closed and definitive whole. On the contrary, it remains constantly growing to respond to that desire to accompany present and future transformations and developments in contemporary art.

The Helga de Alvear Museum includes works by artists such as: Bacon, Bartolini, Baselitz, Dalì, Ernst, Eliasson, Fontana, Saraceno and many others.

Once the first phase of construction of the Center of Visual Arts of Cáceres was completed with the rehabilitation and museographic restoration of the building known as La Casa Grande, it was opened to the public with Márgenes de silencio, a selection of 115 works by the Helga de Alvear Collection produced between 1963 and 2009, starting from that moment a program of temporary exhibitions in which different approaches to the Helga de Alvear Collection are realized.


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Pizarro 8
10003 Caceres


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