The Abbey of Sant'Antonio di Ranverso, or rather Precettoria, is a Piedmontese religious building located in Buttigliera Alta, in the metropolitan city of Turin, at the beginning of the Susa Valley. The result of architectural interventions that follow one another ranging from the end of the twelfth to the fifteenth century, the complex of the Preceptory, exemplum of the Gothic style, is mainly made up of the Church, whose slender apse confirms an adhesion to the Gothic from beyond the Alps, with annexed Sacristy and Cloister; the surrounding buildings constitute the so-called "concentric", where the most important structure is represented by the only legible testimony of the whole that gave reason for being to the entire complex of the Antonian Hospital Order, that is the ancient hospital, characterized in its façade shows the features of the flowery Gothic, which can also be found in the façade of the Church. In the interior of the church the typical constructive game of the Gothic is resolved in a decorative key, with brick pillars that support the ribbed crosses of the central nave, while the frescoes with "Stories of St. Anthony the Abbot" that decorate the internal façade can be ascribed to the second half of the 13th century. The cycle of frescoes "Imago Pietatis" by Giacomo Jaquerio decorates the apse, presbytery and sacristy, while the altar is embellished with the polyptych by Defendente Ferrari, commissioned on April 29, 1530. In 1776, with the Papal Bull of Pope Pius VI the Order Ospedaliero dei Padri Antoniani is suppressed and Ranverso's assets are transferred to the Order of SS. Maurizio and Lazzaro.

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Str. Sant'Antonio di Ranverso, 6
10090 Buttigliera Alta

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