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Two tempera on wood, among the few surviving works of the master of the early Lombard Renaissance; of unknown origin, attributed to the last years of activity of Vincenzo Foppa, the genius of gray, for those unmistakable silver reflections and " the cerulean incarnations", as Roberto Longhi called them, and for his way of " veiling, wrapping" the figures, which blend in a luminous halftone together with the rich fabrics and ornaments of the garments.

The Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo welcomes San Giovanni Battista and Santo Stefano from the BPER Banca Collection, works by Vincenzo Foppa (Brescia, around 1427 - around 1515) among the protagonists of the transition from Gothic to the "new way" of the Renaissance in Lombardy , capable of collecting all the novelties of his time, looking at Donatello's Padua, grasping the influences of Bellini and Mantegna, observing the work of Leonardo da Vinci in the Milan of the Sforza.

A new chapter - after the three canvases by Giacomo Ceruti granted in deposit for the renewed path of the Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery in March, and the loan of the Conversion of Saul to the exhibition The sense of the new. Lattanzio Gambara Mannerist painter held in November 2022 at the Museum of Santa Giulia - which adds to the already prolific collaboration with BPER Banca , partner of the Brescia Museums Foundation in many important cultural operations with the aim of conserving, enhancing and making available the artistic heritage of the collection kept in Brescia in Palazzo Martinengo Villagana . In order to achieve this objective, the Brescia Museums Foundation will actively participate by granting on loan, in turn, in an example of virtuous exchange of assets , three works currently kept in the deposits of the Civic Museums, which in view of 2023 will enrich some institutional halls of the Palazzo dell ' 'Credit Institute in Brescia and which, during the year as the Capital of Culture, will be open to visitors on the occasion of special appointments: two Vecchi by Antonio Cifrondi and Antonio Paglia's Eternal Happiness .

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Via Martinengo da Barco, 1
25121 Brescia


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