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Andrea Appiani. Disegni is part of the PTM Andata e Ritorno program that transforms the "departures" linked to loan requests into "arrivals" of guest works: an opportunity to welcome masterpieces that dialogue with the permanent collection, giving Bresciani the opportunity and tourists to constantly reinterpret the corpus of the Pinacoteca collection.

In this case the guest works do not come from another museum, but from the Cabinet Drawings and Prints of the Civic Museums of Brescia, whose collections cannot be exhibited continuously for conservation reasons. Therefore, in the absence of sculptures by Thorvaldsen and Ebe by Gaspare Landi, lent to the exhibition Canova and Thorvaldsen. The birth of modern sculpture at the Gallerie d'Italia in Milan, room XX of the Pinacoteca will welcome these drawings for a few months, which will then be placed side by side with the two paintings by Appiani, the Toilet of Juno and the Madonna in adoration of the Child, which constitute part of the permanent museum itinerary.

"The designs, which in Appiani's production played the double role of an investigative tool for the construction of pictorial works and of means for the composition of a repertoire of figurative models, reusable over time, reveal a great expressive freedom" - he recalls. the President of the Brescia Museums Foundation Francesca Bazoli - "the same re-interpretative freedom of the marvelous rooms dedicated to the neoclassical period, which at a distance of a few weeks after Basiletti's extraordinary exhibition of the Niobe let us revive with creativity in a continuous process of cultural semiosis"

The conspicuous number of works related to the artist appearing today in the Brescian collections goes back almost entirely to the collection of the count who, endowed with a classicist taste and a marked interest in the contemporary artistic manifestations, bought a significant group of paintings, drawings and engravings, which document the different stages of the painter's stylistic maturation.

"We are already at the fourth project of the great" illustrated history "of Brescia's iconography, which we present with the innovative PTM Andata e Ritorno: after the one-off episodes dedicated to Perugino, Basiletti and Franceschetti, we dedicate ourselves to Andrea Appiani" - remembers the director of the Brescia Museums Foundation Stefano Karadjov - "nicknamed by the contemporaries" Painter of the Graces ", artist very dear to Paolo Tosio. The flourishing of this format testifies the vitality of our Pinacoteca that on average every 2 months proposes new intriguing paths of deepening for the public of citizens and tourists ".

For the occasion, the Brescia Museums Foundation has also produced and published a celebratory poster with an illustrative text of the repertoire exhibited by Roberta D'Adda, Coordinator of the Foundation's Collections and Research Sector, with the contribution of Giulia Paletti.

Within the wide graphic production of the artist, a nucleus of drawings clearly depicting specifically female subjects, some of which will be exhibited in the Pinacoteca rooms for this stage of PTM A / R and whose formal characteristics were well summarized already from the first biographer of the artist, Giuseppe Beretta (1848): “the feminine faces are celestial, inexpressible; kidnap with a charm of sweetness; they have a breath of life, a spirit that seems to act ".

The five studies of female heads correspond to different moments within the articulated creative process of Appiani, but they are all characterized by attention to light. The use of three colors (the pencil, the white chalk and the sanguine) appears as a functional technical choice to achieve the effects of lightness and fusion that the artist sought above all in the rendering of the incarnations.

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Via Martinengo da Barco, 1
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