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The show

Unlearning categories presents over sixty works by fifty artists and artists. The exhibition invites to abandon the known categories and explore, as in a suggestive walk in the woods, new narratives of the landscape, unexpected points of view and connections between the human and non-human beings who inhabit it and the works of art.


“The knowledge and the accumulated categories, such as human being, plant, animal, have deep roots within us. What happens when an outdated knowledge hinders us? How can we unlearn it? Often the concepts no longer work, it is necessary to disapprove internalized forms of the description of the world, and to rethink methods of construction, localization and criticism of reality in a new way. " - the words of the curators Simone Mair and Lisa Mazza of BAU on the concept of the exhibition appear more current today than ever.


unlearning categories is the first exhibition on the works of art purchased by the Province between 2012 and 2018. For the occasion, over sixty works including paintings, drawings, photographs and installations leave their usual environment, the offices in which they are usually exposed, among people, plants, stones, holiday postcards with which they are familiar, to "spend" 59 days at Museion.


Timetable and tickets


Piazza Piero Siena, 1
39100 Bolzano


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