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The desktop of a computer as a “ window on the world ”, which reveals the compromises and contradictions of the time in which we have found ourselves in recent months: domestic constraint on the one hand and participation in global actions on the other. This is the theme of About Resistance (interfaced), the installation created by the young Museion participants in the European project “ Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation ”together with the artist Alessandra Ferrini. From 18 June the work will be exhibited at the Cubo Garutti - Piccolo Museion in the Don Bosco district in Bolzano together with Solely You It's Not, the work produced by the Austrian working group, another partner of the European project. On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, next Thursday 18 June, the boys and girls participating in the project will be present from 17 to 18.30 to interact with the passing public, who will be given a voucher for a drink offered at the Cafe Museion. The public is then invited to walk the journey from the Garutti Cube to Museion with the young people. The partners of the project will also be present, as well as the artist Alessandra Ferrini.

About Resistance (interfaced) is the path followed by the Museion group (Lucia Rose Buffa, Giada Cardillo, Gessica de Oliva, Nicole Fersko, Tomas Grosello, Samira Mosca, Camilla Saiz, Abram Tomasi) with the artist Alessandra Ferrini. Starting from the universal values of the Resistance in its historical definition, the work is based on the timeless relevance of the concept in its various forms, including that of the current health emergency, which has conditioned the development of the project itself. Composed of a banner and a video, the installation reproduces the computer desktop as a window on the world (a role historically attributed to the painting) which reveals compromises and contradictions of the time in which we find ourselves: "domestic" spatial constraint and at the same time participation to global shares.

The Cube also hosts Solely You It's Not, the work produced by the group from the town of St. Pölten in Austria with the collective of artists Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond. The work consists of photographic portraits of European women who participated in the resistance during the Second World War accompanied by a poem written by Hilde Meisel, an Austrian journalist who with her writings fought the Nazi regime. Also part of the work is an audio composed of different voices and languages that repeat the title of Meisel's poem. This first exhibition will be visible until 02.08 next . From 04.08 to 17.09 will follow the exhibition with the works of the other participating countries, Croatia and Germany. With a view to exchange, the work produced by the Italian group of Museion will also be exhibited in rotation in the offices of the participating countries: MSU in Zagreb, Stiftung wanseeFORUM in Berlin and the Zeithistorisches Zentrum Melk Memorial.

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Piazza Piero Siena, 1
39100 Bolzano


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