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Curated by: Carmen Lorenzetti

The show

For the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, as for everyone, it was a difficult year. Mostly forced at home, they have suffered above all from the sporadic attendance of workshops, the places of doing where they meet with colleagues and professors, where they can experiment, touch, see live, exercise their gaze. Nonetheless, they did not give up and continued to produce, perhaps in their homes, followed in any case even from afar. And they have produced, each following their own poetics, already outlined and mature, heralding a path that is being traced right now. This award given to six young artists is concrete proof of this. The diversity of expressions and languages ​​used is a proof of the ability of the artists, but also of the Academy which provides possibilities, suggestions and stimuli through a multifaceted training course that welcomes not only competent and passionate internal teachers, but also seminars and workshops in a continuous comparison with the excellence that comes from outside. Young artists are confronted with the world and with the challenge of the new through the sophisticated use of new technologies, even with the programming language and its possibility of declining it according to an aesthetic use, in the gratuitousness of technology subjected to art and not. to the market and the needs of production. Digital also appears in the form of poetic video animation that exploits the potential of the medium to talk about ecology and the disappearance of plant and animal species. While the link with the materiality and tactility of the earthly elements speaks of the passing of time, wear and tear and the making of the human product in a melancholy sense, aware of the programmed obsolescence to which we are subjected in the glittering and sparkling world of advertising. Bitumen and dense blacks are in contrast precisely with the technological perfection of the consumer society. The recovery of the embroidery, of the fabric, of the pattern where figures in lively movements are inserted and are lost speak of a slow, conscious way of doing, of a recovery of the craftsmanship and of the history linked to this medium, which leads to an identity and cultural recovery punctual and general at the same time. The theme of play and architecture, light-heartedness and gratuitousness is inserted in the space intended as a place for an investigation of the medium in relation to architecture, always to be discovered and revealed. Finally, painting becomes the place for the investigation of an ancient theme linked to the history of painting, broken down into its basic elements, mindful of exercises that even find similarities with classical antiquity and with the history of forms in the Warburgian sense.


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Strada Maggiore, 90
40125 Bologna


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