closed Images and Words

Curated by: Carmen Lorenzetti

The show

"The Zucchelli winners are, as always, an example of the plurality of expressive modes that characterize contemporary art today. We can say that this year they have favored two approaches, one that refers to the visual field and the image, the other that refers to the discursive element and therefore to the word. In the first case, we have a sensitive attention to pure form, its material significance and the intangibility of its expression. In this case, the medium and its tradition are privileged, playing with its specificity, however hybrid and profane, up to an approach that underlines its mysterious unpredictability. In the second case, on the other hand, the textual nature of the work is questioned, its dialogue and thus the viewer who is called to read and interpret a story, which can be intimate and personal or social and general. But it can also constitute a geographical drift in which memories and memories are inscribed, or a signpost that invites the visitor to unprecedented attention ".

Carmen Lorenzetti


Timetable and tickets


Strada Maggiore, 90
40125 Bologna


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