MeBo - Menabrea Botalla Museum

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MeBo - Menabrea Botalla Museum

MeBo - Menabrea Botalla Museum is a unique space that recounts the most important moments and preserves techniques, traditions and memories of two deeply linked Biella companies. It is not only the territory that Menabrea and Botalla have in common, the strong synergy arises from a sincere friendship, that between Franco Thedy and Andrea Bonino, respectively at the helm of Birra Menabrea and Botalla Formaggi. A personal relationship that resulted in professional collaborations such as joint participation in sector fairs and the creation of the first beer cheese in Italy, the iconic Sbirro, which has become a symbol of the union of the two companies and the pride of the city for over 15 years. A union that is consolidated with the birth of MeBo - Menabrea Botalla Museum, a place of history, culture and traction that will welcome citizens and tourists who want to deepen their knowledge of the two companies. An experience, a journey between past and present that tells the story of the territory, the birth, the development and the production techniques of two historic brands that have made craftsmanship the driving force of a successful business.
At the Experience wing, inaugurated at the end of 2021 and currently open on weekends, it is also possible to discover modern productions through digital stories and end the museum tour with a tasting of cheeses and beers in an absolutely unique and evocative environment.

Inside MeBo there is a room dedicated entirely to the Cop and for those who want to take a souvenir with them, the shop attached to the museum offers gadgets and products from the two companies.


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Via Eriberto Ramella Germanin 2/A
13900 Biella


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