Museum of the History of Catalonia

Museum of the History of Catalonia

A museum is essentially a tool at the service of preserving the collective memory of a society.

The Museu d'Història de Catalunya also wants to be a meeting, debate and reflection space for citizens , as well as a tool for information, learning, awareness and fun, open to all. The permanent exhibition offers an interactive account of the history of Catalonia from ancient times to the present day and is complemented by a series of educational and recreational activities, workshops and temporary exhibitions.

The Museum of the History of Catalonia has established itself as a benchmark in the conservation, research and dissemination of the country's history and cultural heritage . The founding decree of 1996 establishes that the mission of the institution is, in effect, "to preserve, exhibit and disseminate the history of Catalonia as a collective heritage and reinforce the identification of citizens with national history" . In this way, the Museum assumes the mandate of developing the following functions:

Preserve, increase, document and disseminate the state-owned collections, representative of Catalan history, heritage and culture, which constitute its heritage fund and become its most important asset.

Develop, promote and collaborate in research, exhibitions and awareness activities that allow a better understanding of Catalan history, heritage and culture, both nationally and internationally.

Coordinate and support the local and territorial museums of the country that are connected, in all those actions they carry out in relation to the investigation, conservation and dissemination of the archaeological, historical and ethnological heritage of Catalonia.

Regarding the cultural project, the museum also develops its activity through the implementation of strategic lines, within the strategic plan of the center.


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Plaza de Pau Vila 3
08039 Barcelona


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