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Marinella Senatore - In each one the trace of each one
Marinella Senatore - In each one the trace of each one

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"Everyone's trace in each", commissioned by the Foundation, is a large light sculpture that the artist conceived for the hill of San Licerio, continuing the dialogue between nature and art which is the hallmark of this place. Senatore's work harmoniously accompanies the development of the walkway that marks the slope of the hill, creating a long decorative frieze of multicolored lights, in the center of which stands the phrase that gives the title to the work, "In everyone, everyone's trace". The aesthetics of the sculpture recalls the festive illuminations of southern Italy and Baroque architecture, such as rose windows and portals. This reference to structures and forms traditionally associated with collective celebrations is a central aspect of the artist's practice, whose work is characterized by a strong community and participatory dimension. The light installations are conceived by Senatore as catalysts of energy aimed at celebrating individuals and communities. Light becomes a symbolic element for building sharing spaces, for activating places and the people who inhabit them.

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