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Fausto Melotti - Seven wise men
Fausto Melotti - Seven wise men

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The work consists of seven sculptures made of Viggiù stone, commissioned in 1961 by the Municipality of Milan to Melotti for the garden of the new building of the Liceo Carducci, in via Beroldo.

The seven sculptures take up and modify the work "Constant Man" that Melotti had presented at the VI Triennale in 1936, for the Sala della Coerenza designed by Studio BBPR (architects Banfi, Belgioioso, Peressutti, Rogers). Twelve plaster sculptures, with one hand hollowed at the height of the heart, were arranged in three rows of four sculptures each.

In the sketch of human figures without details that refer both to De Chirico's mannequins and to archaic statues, ancient and modern at the same time, the artist reinterpreted the topos of the wise guardians of ancient Greek civilization, such as the philosopher and mathematician Thales . Dei Sette Savi Melotti made more specimens, in addition to this one in stone: a plaster version, probably preparatory to the sculptures for the Liceo Carducci, and one in marble commissioned in 1981 by the Municipality of Milan and exhibited at the PAC, Pavilion of Contemporary Art, in via Palestro. For the installation of the Savi, an open space is chosen again, to create a link between the artistic artefact, nature and the architecture from which it is surrounded, where the sculptures are arranged according to a geometric pattern that determines a game of looks in an enigmatic silence.

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