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Macaw of the scribes
Votive Crown
Macaw of the scribes
Votive Crown

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The object, which reproduces in stone a plant crown of leaves intertwined with flowers, is offered by L. Decumius M.f., naive (born free), to Fortuna Primigenia, titular deity of the most famous pre-Roman sanctuary. Crowns of leaves (and diadems) were used to adorn divine simulacra, representations of offerers, altars, as well as the worshipers themselves. In the Greek and Roman world there is also no lack of evidence on the use of offering votive crowns to the deities, often made of precious metal. The custom of offering crowns to Fortuna Primigenia appears further documented by the donations offered in the sanctuary by a local of the conlegium di coronarii, as well as by other inscriptions from the imperial age. The inscription [Fortuna Prim (i) g (enia) / L (ucius) D (e) cumius M (arci) f (ilius) / don (um) ded (it)], for the rather simple form, suggests a chronological classification of the document towards the end of the third century. B.C. or, at the latest, at the beginning of the following century.

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