Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi

Ivan Bruschi House Museum

The Foundation, established in 1996 by the will of the antiquarian Ivan Bruschi, now administered by UBI Banca, is based in the ancient Mint building, one of the most important civil buildings in the city as evidenced by the numerous coats of arms on the facade. It is located in front of the Romanesque Pieve di Santa Maria and not far from Vasari's Loggias which, overlooking Piazza Grande, form the backdrop to the Antiques Fair that Ivan Bruschi conceived on 2 June 1968, near the Basilica of San Francesco with the famous cycle of frescoes "The legend of the true cross" painted by Piero della Francesca.

The exhibition itinerary, opened to the public in 2002, includes sixteen rooms spread over three floors with an exhibition, curated by the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, which has rearranged, after a careful inventory lasting four years, the extraordinary variety of works and artefacts that reveal the manifold collecting interests of the Arezzo antiques dealer. The walls are enriched with engravings, drawings and paintings by Bicci di Lorenzo, Neri di Bicci, the master of Stratonice, Sassoferrato, Luca Giordano, Pietro Benvenuti and still works by the circles of Tintoretto and Guido Reni, some of which by owned by Ubi Banca on loan to the Foundation managed by Antonella Crippa, curator responsible for the UBI Banca collection.

Archaeological finds from prehistoric times to classical antiquities (the collection of small bronzes and votive terracotta, an elegant Tanagra and the important collection of inscriptions and decorative fragments are worthy of note); sculptures from the Della Robbia workshop, ivories of the Embriachi, sacred furnishings, weapons, jewelry, glass, ceramics, scientific instruments: all set up with the intention of evoking the suggestions that are usually perceived in the 'houses of life'.


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Corso Italia, 14
52100 Arezzo


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