National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia

The National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia

The National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia is one of the most attractive destinations for cultural tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia: inaugurated in 1882 by the Austrian government in the headquarters of the neoclassical Villa Cassis Faraone, from 2018 the museum presents itself in a new guise, which is at the center of the museum story the Roman city of Aquileia, an archaeological site declared a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) in 1998.

The new exhibition itinerary, the result of a large rearrangement intervention, allows visitors to retrace the history of one of the most important Roman cities in Northern Italy according to an inclusive interdisciplinary approach. Port in the Mediterranean and gateway to the Mediterranean for about seven centuries, Aquileia was a cosmopolitan place of encounter and privileged dialogue between different peoples, languages and religions. Refined mosaics, inscriptions, portraits, sculptures and artifacts of common use, collected in over two centuries of discoveries and thematically presented in the current visit route, help to tell the splendor, the daily life, the lively productive and commercial activities of the city.


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Via Roma, 1
33051 Aquileia


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