closed Moataz Nasr.

Curated by: Achille Bonito Oliva

The show

Castel del Monte is not only an example of great architecture from the past, but rather because of its singularity, it seems to be able to increasingly become the exhibition theater of encounter between different cultures, says Achille Bonito Oliva.
It is with this in mind that the Museum Complex of Puglia, together with Impresa Leopizzi 1750 and in collaboration with the NovaApulia dealer, presents the great exhibition by the Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr (Alexandria, Egypt, 1961) invited to dialogue with the spaces of the most fascinating and mysterious Frederick's castle.
With the curatorship of Achille Bonito Oliva, site specific works and new productions give life to the project entitled "The Barzakh / The outer space" from June to November 2019.
The liminal space, from the Latin root limen = threshold, is the concept that indicates the crossing of a transition space that generates transformation, metamorphosis up to a new consciousness and identity. Reported at Castel del Monte, it defines this particular architectural space as the threshold between two different worlds, the Western and the Eastern, which merge in the evident exchange of knowledge, quotation and contamination.
The artist has long documented and questioned the philosophy that may have inspired the construction of the castle. "His crossing gave me more questions than answers - he said - so I decided to let the building speak to me. Already in the inner courtyard, which is the heart of the castle, surrounded by the stone that delimits the vision of the sky, I felt the sensation of a threshold that divided two worlds. It is the concept of liminal space, central also in the Sufi culture that calls it Barzakh. Could this have been the inspiration? Can Castel del Monte be conceived as a space of transformation and metamorphosis? ”.
The artist has thus focused attention on the articulation of the spaces, observing the sequence of windows, stairs, vaults. The celebration of detail becomes the creative strategy of Moataz Nasr who proposes new forms in a series of mother-of-pearl wood and inlaid sculptures and shells designed for the first floor of the castle. While in the large octagonal void of the central atrium, the artist pays tribute to the cultural relationship between religions through the sculpture Minaret which recalls in its abstraction the spirituality of its own origin, in the form of a minaret of wood and glass.
The magnificence of the exterior is celebrated in the work Maze, a lawn path, created on the geometry of words of the ancient Kufic character that carries within it an extremely topical message: "No religion in politics and politics in religion".
Moataz Nasr, an internationally renowned artist, in his multimedia and interdisciplinary work and the encroachment of languages realizes a happy short circuit between cultures and civilizations. The entire exhibition is an initiatory journey that from the outside leads to the interior, in a scale relationship with architecture and history, nature and memory that celebrates the coexistence of differences.

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Strada Statale 170 (Castel del Monte)
76123 Andria


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