The MŪSA Archaeological Museum of Alghero is housed in a historic building in the city. The building, still known today as the “former prison”, was also called Les presonetes (las prazunétas) by the people of Alghero until recently. Around 1964 the premises on the ground floor of the building were used as a deposit for arsenic which, combined with rye and wheat, was used to combat harmful insects. On 22 December 2016, after the renovation and set-up works were completed, the inauguration of the Archaeological Museum of the city was held. The MŪSA offers you a selection of the most significant exhibits of the exhibition, as they are full of stories to tell. Dedicated to all those who wish to discover the museum through an alternative vision. You will be accompanied, step by step, along a path of total immersion in the history of Alghero and its territory. From the Early Neolithic to the Post Middle Ages. A "taste" that respects the identity of the Museum and underlines its most characteristic aspects. The so-called "Shed of the closets", certainly one of the most significant structures of the town, is part of an important urban project that highlights the presence of community environments intended in part for the production of artisans.

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Via Carlo Alberto, 72
07041 Alghero

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