Curated by: Luca Bochicchio, Stella cattaneo, Daniele Panucci

The show

The house of the Danish artist continues to inspire contemporary artists and to guide them in ever new reflections. Karin Andersen, thinking about the origin of Asger Jorn's house on the first hills of Albissola Marina, questions the biological concept of mutualistic symbiosis and therefore comes to hypothesize the villa as the result of the interaction of two organisms, Asger Jorn and Albissola, which they coexist gaining mutual benefit. In the artist's imagination, Casa Jorn is a surprising mutant that originated through the interaction - creative, daring and at the same time respectful - of the Dane with the Albissolese social fabric, as happens in the archetypal association between mushroom and alga constituent of lichens. Similarly, the symbiotic sculptures specially created by the artist - plastic figures of various sizes made with mixed techniques and recycled materials - come into contact with Jorn's total work of art, with the aim of elaborating themes and reflections. , oscillating between mimesis and prostheses, leaving room for randomness and spontaneity as in the poetics of the Danish master. Karin Andersen worked on her sculptures in her Bolognese studio after careful consideration of the site and several inspections. The sculptures will be partially finished at Casa Jorn in the days preceding the inauguration of the exhibition, during a short residency during which the artist will hold workshops open to citizens and organized by the Friends of Casa Jorn. These mutant creatures, born from the hybridization with the mythological and informal beings modeled by Jorn in his garden overlooking the sea, take the name of "Symbjornt": fantastic materialization of the symbiotic process between Jorn and Albissola.


Timetable and tickets


Via D'Annunzio, 6
17012 Albissola Marina


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