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The show

From Saturday 10 October 2020 to Sunday 24 January 2021 Albissola Marina and Savona will be the protagonists of a unique exhibition, in the footsteps of the two Savona popes Sixtus IV and Julius II.


"Around Michelangelo: the Renaissance treasures of Albissola and Savona in dialogue with the contemporary sculpture of Andrea Salvatori" is a widespread exhibition that aims to deepen the relationship between contemporary art and the cultural and artistic heritage of the two Popes descendants of the Savona family Della Rovere. The exhibition, which will see the involvement of the Cathedral Complex (Sistine Chapel, Apartments of Pius VII) and the Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti in Savona (Civic Art Gallery) and the MuDA of Albissola Marina (Casa Museo Jorn, Exhibition Center, Laundry ), will be in parallel with the exhibition at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, entitled "Michelangelo: Divino Artist", scheduled from 21 October 2020 to 14 February 2021.


Timetable and tickets


Via D'Annunzio, 6
17012 Albissola Marina


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