Palazzina del Belvedere - Collezione Archeologica Faldetta

Il Museo Archeologico “Salvatore Faldetta”

The elegant building that houses the Faldetta Archaeological Collection was built as part of the project of the new arrangement of the Virgilio staircase wanted to coincide with the construction of the national monument to the sailor of Italy. The building is called the Belvedere for the splendid terrace overlooking the inner harbor of Brindisi. The Faldetta Archaeological Collection preserves fundamental archaeological testimonies of the Apulian territory. It includes a rich variety of vascular forms in Mycenaean ceramic, Corinthia, Attica with black figures, Italiota with red figures, with black, brunette and red paint, in style of gnathia and ceramic Messapica production. There are also examples of vitreous, bronze pendant finds and some coroplasty specimens and Indian sculpture. The potential of the collection is in the uniqueness of some specimens. Among them stands out, for its remarkable artistic and historical value, a crater with a protoapula production bell of the fourth century a. C., attributed by prof. Arthur Trendall at the Tarpery painter circle.

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Viale Regina Margherita 11
72100 Brindisi

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