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Marked by the negative judgment of Giorgio Vasari, debased by the comparison with the exceptional artistic stature of his son Raphael, the figure of Giovanni Santi remained in the shadows for centuries and still little known even today, even after the fundamental studies of Ranieri Varese. With the exhibition Giovanni Santi. "Since then ... me said to the mirabil art de pictura", the National Gallery of the Marche | Palazzo Ducale di Urbino will help to restore the right role to the artist in that Urbino context, which represented an essential moment of rapprochement with Raphael's training and visual culture. The multi-faceted humanistic personality of Giovanni Santi - demonstrated by the vast literary production - will be witnessed by the original manuscript of his masterpiece, the Cronaca rhymata, from the Vatican Apostolic Library and visible in the exhibition. And from the Vatican will also come the St. Jerome, which together with the works from the National Gallery in London, from the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and almost all those present locally or from the territory, will try to make visible that network of relationships and mutual artistic interferences that affected the urban environment in the federician age. Urbino, home of Giovanni Santi, and the Palazzo Ducale - where he was very active - will see the entire pictorial cycle originally conceived for the Tempietto delle Muse: the eight plates - seven representatives returned to the public for the entire duration of the exhibition the Muse and an Apollo - by Giovanni Santi and Timoteo Viti, kindly loaned from Palazzo Corsini in Florence, will be relocated within their original environment.

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Piazza Rinascimento 13
61029 Urbino


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