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The show

Victor Mazzucconi

painting 1999, exhibition n.8, LAST PAINTINGS

from 15 May to 5 June 2023

Retrospective divided into 9 exhibitions:

1977-78 beginnings

1978-79 Eurydice

1980-86 The night of the soul

1987-89 Toward Awakening

1989-91 Proserpine

1992-93 Freedom

1993-98 Psyche

1999 Last paintings

1999 Cards

Painting is, for Vittorio Mazzucconi, an "inner journey" that goes from eros to transcendence, with images that present themselves with astonishing truth. His path passes through the women he loved and who, in the exhibition, take the names of mythological figures, suggesting the deepest presence of the fundamental archetypes of life.

With eyes fixed on this "super-reality" the events of contemporary art only appear

superficial, ideological and commercial inventions of the "exterior" path, so far from that

interior of true art.

Exhibition n.8, painting 1999, UTIMI PICTURES

The last paintings paintings not only show the pain for the end of love but the anger, which has led to the impetus to repaint some paintings of happy moments. Thus, the image of a true adoration of the beloved woman has become a ruinous "fall", "The door" of happiness" the overthrow of an idol, "No more the Garden of Eden" the wall that precludes its The process has a catharsis in "Liberation" which is far beyond an earthly love.

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Via Andrea Ponti, 1
20143 Milan


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