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Safe House is the collective exhibition that inaugurates the second season of Verso, a program of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, designed and produced with the Department of Youth Policies of the Piedmont Region, as part of the National Fund for youth policies.

In English, a "safe house" is a secret place used by subjects in danger, in a regime of legality or illegality, to protect themselves by temporarily disappearing: it is a hiding place, a refuge, a den. As a private and secure architecture, the "safe house" guarantees a condition of invisibility for individuals and small groups that establish relationships of complicity to protect their own safety.

Safe House reflects on secrecy and invisibility, taken as forms of government and (self) organization of human lives. Secrecy today is a contested space in which policies, strategies, disciplines take place: from the choice of anonymity to the processes of data collection and privacy management, from the relationship between security and secrecy to intelligence activities and the organization of companies. secret, of the past as well as of the present.

On display the dominant and noisy voices are muted to make room for the buzz and underground sounds. In the works, national geopolitical identities become porous geopolitical terrains, built by narratives and counter-narratives managed by algorithms, but also areas of social conflict on which the shadows of violence and oppression are still cast today. War masking techniques are adopted as tools of resistance by youth communities and subcultures. Invisibility, physical and digital, is used as a survival technique, a privileged place in which to be together, rewrite one's history and act without being seen. Safe House is an environment inhabited by different communities gathered together to develop new ways of sharing and political reasoning, bodies in training waiting to conspire in the light of the sun.


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Via Modane, 16
10141 Torino


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