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On Friday 22 July 2022 , an exhibition dedicated to contemporary art of the last fifteen years of the twentieth century will be inaugurated in Sassari , in the National Picture Gallery .

Inspired by the initiative of a group of young artists, the city of Sassari comes alive with exhibitions and happenings: exhibitions and installations are organized in private homes, galleries, gyms and in institutional buildings. It is a period of great vivacity and the young art of Sassari shows that they can experiment new paths: their breaking of the mold and the sleepy local situation is driving - as it had been at the beginning of the century - for the artistic renewal of the entire It is a struggle to overthrow the prevailing and slovenly folklorism that clumsily continues to imitate, without really understanding it, the art of the early twentieth century.

Accompanied by the action of three prestigious critics such as Marco Magnani, Gianni Murtas and Giuliana Altea, the first protagonists were joined, in the nineties, by new recruits: research splits into rivulets, it becomes on the one hand more public and political, from other more intimate. The new air and the message brought by this movement will seem, for a brief moment, to find support also in politics: a future can be glimpsed for contemporary art in Sardinia.

That particular moment, full of creativity and expectations, is reconstructed in an exhibition that consists of over 40 works by 13 different artists and which will be open until 9 October 2022 .

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Via Santa Caterina , 4
07100 Sassari


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