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Fondazione ICA Milano presents, from Thursday 4 May to Saturday 15 July 2023, the exhibition Ministry of Loneliness, a project by the Italian artist Rebecca Moccia (1992) curated by Chiara Nuzzi.

The project is presented in the project room of the institution, exceptionally moved to the first floor of the Foundation in the spaces that usually house the office. The exhibition explores the theme of loneliness and its politicization starting from the collective experience of isolation experienced during the global pandemic of 2020 and is created thanks to the Impact Grant of Outset Contemporary Art Fund - an international and independent non-profit association that supports projects far-reaching innovative arts.

Taking as a starting point the experience of the Ministry of Solitude, established in 2018 in the United Kingdom and replicated in 2021 in other countries such as Canada and Japan, Rebecca Moccia's exhibition explores the political and social structures that shape the emotional state of loneliness and the resulting perception. The ghostly and pervasive shadow of isolation that permeates Western societies takes shape in the artist's complex and multimedia analysis, extending to include the roots that trigger it - from the advance of the techno-scientific order of modern life to emergence of liberal capitalism.

The exhibition layout of the exhibition is built in such a way as to evoke the Office for Policy on Loneliness and Isolation of the Japanese Ministry of Loneliness, visited by the artist in Tokyo in 2021. The environment helps to involve the visitor in an immersive atmosphere which evokes the bureaucratization and the administration of feelings, within which the artist's works find their ideal location. The film Ministries of Loneliness, central work of the project, the series of thermographs How Cold As You Are, which return an emotional reportage of places, bodies and situations encountered by the artist and the ceramic works which formalize the Loneliness Scale, the scale developed by University of California in 1978 to evaluate the level of solitude of a subject and used by the artist as a tool with different functions during research, articulate the dialogue between Moccia's work, the spaces of the ICA Milan Foundation and the sound composition created by Renato Grieco, sound artist specially involved for the occasion. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a publication co-edited by the ICA Milano Foundation and presented by 2023.


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Via Orobia, 26
20139 Milan


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